Bird of Paradise in Stained Glass

Feb 21, 2018

I have added to my list of projects for 2018- going back to my stained glass background. Once upon a time I had an old Bird of Paradise Wilton Rug.  I loved the design and before I sold the rug, I used clear plastic to trace this bird.

My design is 36 inches in diameter with lots of little pieces.

I am teaching Rachel to do stained glass and with the help of Gail, my neighbor who has helped with other glass projects, we are progressing. Will will enjoy having tea and a sit down job to wrap all those little pieces with copper foil after all the cut and grind is completed.  The copper will define all the feathers. Not sure I will make this into a quilt - maybe next year or the next... then we would have to use an assortment of reds for the feathers to stand out.

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