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“No Sew Until You Quilt It” - Build your quilts on a French Fuse foundation. You can create Intricate designs with turned edges

without complicated piecing and you can edit your work

without ripping out seams!    These are washable quilts !

This is one of the 23 inch borders on the quilt “Summer’s End” that is on the cover of my book, “No Sewing Until You Quilt It” See the finished quilt at the bottom of this page.     

“Let Peace be our Compass” a 24 inch square and “Oriental Iris Triptych”  47 wide by 34 tall to the left  are 2 of 7 projects in my book, that lead you from beginner projects  to 2 queen size quilts.

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“No Sewing Until You Quilt It!” in

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Reach for the stars with “No Sewing Until You Quilt It”.

“...Starry Night” (No sewing in it, yet)

          “Once Upon A Starry Night”          Installed   8’ high x 12’ wide

“I Want To Tell The Story”   66” wide by 90 “ long

This project was made in

3 sections with no sewing until the quilt sandwich was made; then it was stitched and quilted at the same time.

Building quilt; one piece at a time, turning edges as you build applique style with no sewing until after you make the quilt sandwich.

Double Happy (45”w x 45”t).

Autumn Sunshine (30”w x 40”t).

Click image for larger view.

To Every Season There Is A Purpose

(48” x 48”).

    “Cygnus” - Flying geese form a      constellation in the quilting Universe.

                           (51inches by 51”)

Enchanted Evening, 90 inch square bed quilt.

See my blog for information about the making of it. This quilt was my main project for 2013.

“Working Together to Achieve Our Goals”    (96”x96”)

This quilt was made in 5 units; stitched and quilted at the same time on a home sewing machine, then the units were joined.

40th Wedding Anniversary Quilt.

Peace Patches: Wish for Peace

My inspiration for this quilt is Yoko Ono’s public art

Imagine Peace Project. Years ago I tied a wish on one of her trees in Washington, DC. The work builds on the Japanese tradition of tying prayers to trees.

“Midnight Passion Flower “  57 inch 

design from a Mindware coloring book.

To add seam allowances to all the little bud shapes, I used my Magic Button 2.0 for the 18mm OLFA rotary cutter.

“Scrappy Happy Wave”

King size quilt- washed and laid flat to dry.   Note 

the dye catchers

“Happy in the Mountains” 84” quilt

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No Sewing Until You Quilt It. You can watch the whole process of making this quilt.

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“Bloom Where You are Planted” and 

“Summer’s End” two queen size projects in my book: NO Sewing Until You Quilt It

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